St Aidan's Church


One of the three Church buildings that make up the Parish of Morpeth, St Aidan's is also the youngest building, having been founded in 1957 as a mission church to the Stobhill estate, on the south east of the town.
Since then it has maintained an active outreach to the surrounding community, most especially to the pupils of Stobhillgate School and Collingwood School.
In April 2007, the Church celebrated its Golden Jubilee, with an exciting programme of events.
The parish Beacon Project has recently been completed which provides a purpose built community facility to be used by the church and the local residents.

Built of red brick, the building has a simple, vaulted roof and a pleasing symmetry of design. Six mature Cupressus Macrocarpa trees, planted at the time of building, frame the body of the Church and a pleasant area of grass surrounds the site.
The interior of the building maintains the exterior simplicity of line and gives a light and airy worship space, compact but surprisingly spacious and with an excellent acoustic.